Second Sunday in Easter: In Defense of Thomas

Does Thomas get a bum wrap in our interpretation of the Gospel?

On the second week of Easter we traditionally look at John's story of Jesus appearing to the disciples, commonly thought of as the encounter with "doubting Thomas."

I hope you can can hear the sermon from April 28 because I would love to tell you why I think Thomas gets a bum rap.

Thomas is a wonderful example of a disciple; give me a chance to redeem his reputation for you.




Pastor, Mars Hill United Methodist Church

The Rev. Lisa Hartzog was appointed pastor of Mars Hill United Methodist Church in July 2018.

Lisa had an unconventional and unique path to her ordination as a pastor in the United Methodist Church. Prior to her seminary training, she attended North Carolina State University in Raleigh, becoming a mechanical engineer before responding to her call to minister.

Before being appointed pastor of Mars Hill United Methodist Church, Lisa served five other United Methodist Churches in the Western North Carolina Conference.